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Our mission

Advance and empower the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership.

Magento Association

The Magento Association is dedicated to fostering and supporting technology projects, community events, training and education, and online collaboration. The Magento community has a rich history in building collaborative programs and successful events across geographies. The Magento Association is building upon that to complete the vision: An open, healthy and powerful Magento ecosystem for continued success of future generations.

Join our Community


For nearly a decade, the Magento community has organized and hosted Magento-focused events around the world, bringing community members together to learn, share and collaborate on commerce challenges. Many people became business partners and some even became lifelong friends. At the Imagine 2018 conference Magento, an Adobe company, announced that it will partner with the organization behind the Meet Magento events and the entire global Magento community to create the new Magento Association.

Culture Statement

The Magento Association will...

  • welcome and reflect all members of the global Magento ecosystem.
  • seek out and embrace a diverse community.
  • be transparent and accountable to each other.
  • act with thoughtfulness, fairness and integrity.
  • focus on activities that create mutual success.
  • promote a healthy open source contribution culture between the Magento ecosystem and the Magento platform.
  • encourage and empower collaboration among stakeholders.
  • foster passion and innovation.
  • challenge each other to continuously adapt and grow.
  • safeguard the long-term financial viability of the association.
  • support each other in keeping the Magento ecosystem healthy.

Four Pillars of the Magento Association

The Magento Association has developed four pillars to represent the lenses through which we view every opportunity and decision that comes before the Board of Directors. In a world of infinite possibilities as to how we serve our diverse, global community, the pillars help us determine what we will spend our finite resources on as we pursue our mission to advance and empower the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership.

Open Collaboration

we connect the ecosystem

  • MA Connect
  • Meet magento Events (MME) license agreement
  • MA Townhall
  • Volunteer opportunities within MA Committees/efforts
  • Peer groups per role
  • Meet Magento Imagine
  • Meetups

Developer Education and training

we create developers

  • MA roadmap of education & training for entry level PHP devs - "Magento ready"
  • Include a requirement of at least one accepted pull request
  • One or more levels of digital badging
  • Expand to other roles (PM, architect, etc.)
  • Help merchants be better Magento merchants/users

Content Source

we create the content source for e-commerce eco-system evangelists

  • Continued efforts on Commerce Co-op content focussed around: Best Practices, Innovation and Case Studies
  • Podcast
  • Syndicating and amplifying voices not heard via Diversity & Inclusion committee

Open Source Project

we foster open source

  • Badging, leaderboards & other efforts to encourage pull requests
  • Weave PRs into our events and communication
  • Require MA "Magento ready" devs to have an accepted PR
  • Drive community innovation in the Open Source project
  • Contribution days

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet the team working behind the scenes at Magento Association. Our collaborative team is comprised of board members, founding task force members and staff.

Joshua Warren

Board Director & Chair

Viacheslav Kravchuk

Board Director & Vice President

Danny Verkade

Board Director & Treasurer

Sonal Puri

Board Director

Vatsal Shah

Board Director

Willem Wigman

Board Director

Ritesh Somani

Adobe Board Member

Stanislav Idolov

Adobe Board Liaison

Meet our Committee Volunteers

Membership Committee

Contact Us:

  • Brent Peterson, Content Basis LLC
    • Chair
  • Noah Oken-Berg, Above The Fray Design, Inc.
  • Matthew McClelland, Dotdigital
  • Ramesh Ramachandran, Corra
  • Mudit Shukla, CedCommerce Inc.
  • Tyler Jensen, Wolf Automation

Focus Areas

  • Oversight to membership growth, engagement, marketing, social media channels

Diversity & Inclusion Committee


Contact Us:

  • Marsha Naidoo
  • Vatsal Shah, Magento Association
  • Jenna Warren, Creatuity
  • James Lee, Cloudways
  • Abhishek Jakhotiya, Graas
  • Sonal Puri, Magento Association
    • Board Liaison

Focus Areas

  • Diversity and inclusion of membership, Meet Magento Events and committees/task forces

Events Committee

Contact Us:

  • Jamie Huskisson, JH
    • Chair
  • Vijay Golani, Evrig
  • Muliadi Jeo, SIRCLO
  • Vlad Stanescu, Blugento
  • Marsha Naidoo

Focus Areas

  • Support and oversee Meet Magento Events (Organizer applications and approvals)
  • Support other events as needed (i.e. MA Connect)

Election Committee 

Contact Us:

  • Jeroen Boersma, Elgentos
  • James Cowie, Shero Commerce
  • Tyler Jensen, Wolf Automation
  • Joseph Maxwell, SwiftOtter, Inc.
  • Mudit Shukla, CedCommerce Inc.
  • Tink Taylor, DotDigitial
  • Andreas von Studnitz, Integer_net GmbH
  • Slava Kravchuk, Magento Association
    • Board Liaison

MA Connect Planning Committee

  • Marsha Naidoo
  • Kateryna Rusakova, Atwix
  • Vijay Golani, Evrig
  • Marta Molinska, Magento Association
  • Andrew Figgins, Scrubs & Beyond
    • Board Liaison
  • Sonja Franz, Integer Net
    • Board Liaison

Content Committee

Contact Us:

  • Alessandro Ronchi, Bitbull
    • Chair
  • Hirokazu Nishi, Veriteworks Inc.
  • John Hughes, Hyvä Themes B.V.
  • Damian Culotta, Freelancer
  • Manny Farooqi, American van/Safe fleet

Focus Areas

  • Source opportunities for online-based engagement
  • Drive peer-reviewed editorial standards for MA, user, and partner content
  • Advocate for increased user-generated content

Magento Open Source Task Force

Contact Us:

  • Vinai Kopp, Hyvä Themes
  • Willem Wigman, Magento Association
  • Yaroslav Rogoza, Atwix
  • Navarr Barnier, SwiftOtter
  • Ihor Sviziev, VEN Commerce
  • Danny Verkade, Magento Association
  • Adobe Representatives

Focus Areas

  • Evaluating and developing strategies around Magento Open Source
  • Building a business plan for the sustainability of Magento Open Source