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Author: Tariq Jawed and Oleksandr Lyzun

Tariq Jawed is a senior software architect at Adobe with over 15 years of software engineering and leadership experience. His hands-on experience includes various architectures and system-design patterns, including SaaS, DDD/Microservices, API Management/Gateways, Event Sourcing, Data Streaming/Machine Learning, ETL, Full Stack, SOA, and iPaaS/EAI/ESB/BPM-based systems. Oleksandr Lyzun is the Magento technical team lead at comwrap and joined the company in 2015. In the last 12 years of working with Magento, he has developed, led and launched numerous Magento projects. As Magento Community Maintainer, Magento DevDocs Maintainers and Magento Master 2019/2020, he works with passion and love on various Magento community projects. His passion is to work on complex Magento projects, and to provide tailored solutions to the digital challenges of e-commerce customers.