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How 3 Magento Companies Are Supporting Those Impacted by the War in Ukraine

From the initial news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to current day, members of the Magento Association (MA) community have been supporting those impacted by the war. In this roundup, learn about the aid efforts of three MA community companies and how their employees are lending a helping hand.


For member Slava Kravchuk, as well as his Atwix colleagues, most efforts have been focused on contributing financially to organizations that are based in Ukraine. Together, they have gathered over 2 million hryvnias ($68,000 USD). The Atwix team has also "adopted" a few families with children, providing some with housing and others with groceries on an ongoing basis. On a personal level, Kravchuk has been volunteering at a call center that connects refugees in need of accommodations with people who are willing to host them in Slovakia.


In Poland, there is a strong tradition that almost every woman in the country receives flowers or a gift for International Women’s Day, and that includes at the office. This year, instead of celebrating with flowers, Joanna Szmyt and her Creatuity coworkers converted the funds that would have been used for flowers into donations to two charity organizations to help support their friends in Ukraine. Szmyt credits the success of the donation drive to her female colleagues and Creatuity leadership for being so supportive of the idea.


News of the war in Ukraine doesn’t just come from the web or television for those working at Interactiv4. It’s coming first-hand from their colleagues and friends on the ground in the areas being hit the hardest. From the very first hours of the war, Interactiv4 took steps to provide assistance to its Ukrainian employees and friends, making sure they had everything they needed under the circumstances. A week after the war started, Interactiv4, its clients and the basketball community at initiated the collection of humanitarian aid, which included first aid kits, medical supplies, sleeping bags, warm clothes and food, and delivered the supplies via three trucks to Kharkiv, Ukraine. The company continues to help those impacted by the war in any way they can, because the battle Ukraine is now fighting is Interactiv4’s battle as well.

While these are just a few examples of how companies in the industry are supporting those impacted by the war in Ukraine, many others are also supporting aid efforts across the globe through various avenues, including establishing charities and funds like this long-time community member did. For more information on how you can support aid efforts in Ukraine, read the Magento Board of Directors update here.

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