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Magento Association Announces New Executive Director

CHICAGO, Dec. 7, 2022 — The Magento Association is pleased to announce Mathias Schreiber as the association’s new executive director. After four years of successfully building up the Magento Association with the services of an association management company, the Board is confident that the Magento Association is now in a place where it can operate successfully without this broad service offering. With Mathias at the helm, taking over the role of executive director previously held by Smithbucklin personnel, the Board feels certain that this will help the Magento community head into an even brighter future.  

The Board of Directors is passionate about Open Source — Magento in particular — and is happy to have found an executive director who is equally dedicated to these values. They hope all members welcome Mathias with the kind and open mentality that Magento stands for, as he is thrilled to meet the membership. He is open to input and eager to achieve the association’s goals.

Mathias has a long track record in Open Source. He spent almost 22 years with the TYPO3 project and helped build it from the ground up, together with a dedicated team of enthusiasts. He remained part of the team both inside and outside the TYPO3 Association and helped found the TYPO3 Service Company, which he led until December 2022. After getting in touch with the Magento community at MeetMagento Poland, where he provided insights into best practices, he fell in love with the passionate, like-minded people in the Magento ecosystem.

Since the Magento Association’s founding four years ago, all duties have been handled by Smithbucklin, an association management company. Operating an association may seem simple, but the tasks and duties are many, and the Board of Directors is thankful for the help and support of the Smithbucklin team as they helped the Magento Association through its first years. 

Smithbucklin’s insights into the internal workings of an association were enlightening, and the association has achieved a stable basis for its next steps toward growing up and serving the Magento community. The Board of Directors expresses its gratitude toward the entire Smithbucklin team, who did a great job getting the association off the ground. They will keep everyone in fond memory in the next stage of the journey.

About Magento Association

The Magento Association (MA) is dedicated to fostering and supporting technology projects, community events, training and knowledge sharing. The Magento community has a rich history in building collaborative programs and successful events across geographies. The MA is building upon that to complete the vision: An open, healthy and powerful Magento ecosystem for the continued success of future generations. Members fulfill the association’s mission by advancing and empowering the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open online collaboration, education and thought leadership.