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Meet Your Board: Ignacio de Paula of ebizmarts

Tell me a bit about your background and what you do now.

I am the CEO and co-founder of ebizmarts. Along with my co-founder, Eli Barnett, I started ebizmarts in 2006 as a web development agency but quickly transitioned to a Magento Select Technology Partner in 2008. I got involved with the Magento community early on, creating links between service providers and merchants with successful and widely used extensions like Mailchimp and Sage Pay. Since 2014, ebizmarts started playing a significant role in bridging the gap between offline and online commerce with ebizmarts POS, their mobile POS and clienteling solution for Magento. I’ve never missed a single Magento Imagine.


Describe your relationship with Magento Adobe.

Ebizmarts is a Magento Select Technology Partner.

Do you have any other volunteer or board experience?

Yes, I am an Endeavor Entrepreneur and mentor. I’ve mentored over 10 startups in the last four years, mainly as a mentor in international expansion. I’m also a board member at, a digital marketplace of cattle and rural real state in Uruguay and Argentina.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Humble, passionate and open-minded.


What are your greatest professional and personal achievements?

Transitioning ebizmarts from an unknown web agency to a global and recognized technology provider in the Magento ecosystem. My greatest personal achievement is helping my wife to keep our family together despite all the traveling and demands of my professional activities.


What do you hope to achieve personally by being part of the Magento Association Board?

I want to learn from all of the board members on how to serve a community as diverse and wide as Magento’s community is.


What are you most excited about to see Magento Association achieve?

I'm excited to organize and amplify the voice and efforts of the Magento community in a democratic, independent and inclusive way.


Tell us more about yourself. 

I’m a family guy. I’ve been married to my wife Virginia since I was 22 years old (about to turn 45 this year), and we have an 12-year-old boy, Renato. I’m a bad joke teller, but I love to make my loved ones laugh. I also like to travel. I ride my bike as much as I can and enjoy driving cars.


What’s your favorite country you have visited, and why?

Italy. I’m a little bit biased since I’ve got Italians roots, but they got it all right: landscapes, history, food, wines, bikes, cars, art, everything!