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The Challenges of Making Over an Online Store

EGO is a U.K.-based online shoe label that targets women looking for bold styles.

EGO developed its e-commerce site on the Magento Cloud Commerce, integrating it with several cloud-based tools, such as Klevu (a search tool), Exponea (a CRM) and MintSoft (an order processing tool).

This article describes how EGO managed to expand its worldwide business, increasing sales by 60-70% and raising its ranks among U.K. shoe brands in the last two years.


Challenge: Upgrade the platform and optimize product feed generation.

Where EGO decided to scale up, their website was built on top of the Magento 2.2.5 platform. Te very first challenge was that of migrating the platform to Magento Commerce Cloud 2.3.3.

During the peak time of sales, EGO’s website used to suffer from a heavy load of traffic. Simultaneously, some product feeds also used to run through the back end for two to three hours. These issues were routinely taking place at the time of high traffic load on the site. Sometimes it led to the server being overwhelmed with numerous queries running in the back end.

To solve the problem, EGO rooted a new server and crafted an application that took control over the process and export many product feeds within the scheduled time. This app also aided in accelerating the feed transportation and escaping the main store from the heavy load.


Challenge: Improve customer engagement.

EGO picked Exponea, a cloud-based CRM tool, which allows tracking sales events and user interaction. Customizing Exponea and implementing A/B testing and email campaigns helped EGO reach the goal of improving customer engagement.


Challenge: Design a catchy UX/UI. 

EGO crafted a fresh theme that met their visions of the e-store’s look and feel. The designers carved a comprehensively responsive theme for to handle various stores holding the features, such as interactive filters on the category page, currency switchers, size dropdown on the product view page, image effects and gallery, and more.

Upgrading the UX/UI also led to an increase in users. EGO started welcoming millions of users per week, who visited the online shoe store and left with lots of shopping bags with them.


Challenge: Develop a frictionless checkout experience.

One of EGO’s goals was that of allowing users to accomplish their checkout with no hurdles. Since many customers were used to shopping with an iPhone, EGO decided to add an Apple Pay button to pay directly from the product page or the mini-cart.

To make the checkout even more frictionless, EGO also added other payment methods, such as PayPal and Klarna, and integrated with the Adyen Payment Gateway.


Challenge: Re-engineer data synchronization to unload the e-commerce website.

EGO chose to integrate the Klevu AI-powered smart search engine, which enables the users to search for anything quickly regardless of the location. To reduce the heavy load given by data synchronization, EGO decided to connect Klevu with MongoDB. On the other side, communication between MongoDB and Magento DB was established, allowing data syncing swiftly without burdening the e-commerce website.

The same mechanism acted as a supporter for achieving the feed export feature, aiding to unload the website and allowing the customers to complete their purchase successfully.



With the help of its trusted system integrator, EGO managed to:

  • double the quarterly orders compared to the previous year
  • reach 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 213,000 likes on Facebook; and
  • run six online stores successfully in UAE, Australia, Canada, Europe, the U.S. and the U.K.