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Magento Association is here to advance and empower

No matter where you are in the Magento Commerce ecosystem, Magento Association is here to advance and empower our community through open collaboration, education and thought leadership.

NEW! While the option to join the Magento Association for free is still available on Patreon, we are excited to announce a new option to become a paying member of the association to advance our community. 

Become a Member today!

The Magento Association is currently changing software providers. Thus the free membership Hub is currently not available. We apologize for the inconvenience, but assure you we're working hard on bringing a new, revamped hub back.

Legal Perks
Voting Rights
Member Listing 1
Digital Badge 
Eligible for Freelance Leads    
Eligible for Agency Leads 
Tier 1 Swag 
Tier 2 Swag  
Tier 3 Swag   
Exclusive Glass Trophy    
Logo on Limited Annual Merch    
Business Perks
M.Academy Discount  
Magento Plugin Discount 2  
Adobe Certification Discount 3   
Meet Magento Discount 4 


  1. Individuals are listed with their avatar image. Bronze and higher are listed with their company logo.
  2. 25% discount on all aheadWorks plugins.
    15% discount on Magento and Adobe Commerce PhpStorm plugin by Atwix.

  3. 10% discount on all Adobe Certifications.
  4. The discount percentages for Meet Magento tickets vary from event to event.


Led by the Membership Committee, the decision to offer a paid membership option will both enable an effective 2022 Board of Directors election as well as help support upcoming association initiatives. We are launching paid membership at many different levels and a “choose what you pay” model in order to allow as many people as possible to participate.

To date, the Magento Association has been solely funded by paid sponsorships from our partners. Partners have made it possible for our community to grow from its early stages and we are ready to open up a paid membership model in order to more rapidly scale our operations and programs.

In 2022, the membership dues will go toward supporting our member programs like webinars and MA Connect, and in 2023 we will launch a more robust set of offerings, led by the Membership Committee.

Become a Member today! 

If you have any questions about paid membership or the election process, please contact