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A Note from the Magento Association Board Regarding Magento Open Source

The Magento Association (MA) Board would like to address recent publicly released communications posted regarding Magento Open Source by Mage Open Source Community Alliance and Adobe. The Magento Association Board has and continues to hold many conversations with community members and Adobe representatives regarding the future of Magento Open Source. Like you, we recognize that Magento Open Source is core to our community and the Magento Association, as it provides the basis of livelihood for many merchants, developers and agencies in our community. We further recognize that the future of Magento Open Source has a great sense of urgency and want to keep the current momentum.

As the Magento Association Board, our goals are to move Magento forward and see our preferred e-commerce platform thrive with the support of Adobe. We want, above all, to serve as a conduit for bringing this community together, not to have it split into parts. To do so, we believe we must work together across the full range of involved stakeholders, including our dedicated members.

We are in the process of forming an Open Source Task Force that will focus on evaluating and developing strategies around Magento Open Source, while building a business plan for the Magento Association’s management of Open Source. We agree with the priority of this topic, which is why we are moving as quickly as we can to get this new task force up and running. The call for volunteers closed 10 September and our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is currently evaluating the applications, working to ensure we will have representation from merchants, agencies and solution providers across our different member geographies.

Danny Verkade, the Magento Association Board Treasurer, will act as the Board liaison for the Open Source Task Force and the group will be in close contact with Adobe. Additionally, Slava Kravchuk, the Magento Association Board Vice Chair, and Danny will be attending the Meet Magento Poland event, 20-21 September, and participating in a panel discussion on the future of Magento Open Source.

We will have more to share on this topic at the next MA Connect taking place 21 October. In the meantime, the members of the Board are meeting weekly with multiple representatives from Adobe to advance this work forward.

The Magento Association is committed to working together with Adobe and the community to create a great future for Magento. We welcome engagement with you and the entire global community in this process. To share comments, questions and/or feedback, please reach out to any of us directly or email Thank you for your commitment, partnership and loyalty to the Magento Association.

The MA Board of Directors

Josh Warren, Chair
Slava Kravchuk, Vice Chair
Danny Verkade, Treasurer
Andrew Figgins, Director
Sonja Franz, Director
Eric Erway, Adobe Liaison