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A Recipe to Meeting the Global Magento Community

The fourth edition of the Magento Association's online event MA Connect takes place on 7 June. If you have attended one of the previous MA Connect events, the following list of ingredients that will contribute to the upcoming MA Connect will be familiar to you:

  • One Adobe keynote, providing you with all news about your favorite ecommerce platform
  • One fine selection of speakers, presenting a mix of ecommerce topics
  • A pinch of salty comments
  • An international audience of Magento enthusiasts

Unlike during cooking — when too many cooks spoil the broth — MA Connect profits from more people getting involved. The event is intended for the whole Magento Open Source/Adobe Commerce community to come together, share ideas and exchange experiences. And, there are several ways for you to get involved in helping to shape MA Connect.

Submit a Proposal

To pull together a great program, we need great speakers (like you!). The Call for Content awaits your topic proposal, which we are accepting through Sunday, 8 May. Discover the topics we're targeting on the event web page and submit today.

Join the Speaker Selection Committee

As a next step in helping to build the event agenda, the Speaker Selection Committee goes through all anonymized topic proposals. If you'd like to be part of this group, which has strong influence on the flavor of the event, then send us an email at!

Sign Up to Moderate Sessions

If you're happy to step onto our virtual stage, but aren't ready to prepare a presentation, why not join our group of moderators? Moderators each go through a tech check with the speakers and will act as host to their assigned sessions, introducing the speaker and moderating questions from the audience.

Spread the Word on Social

Unable to attend on 7 June, but interested in the concept of the event? Help us spread the word about it to your network through social media by sharing this post! While we have a global following to our channels, there are always newcomers to the community who haven't heard of these kinds of events yet — you can be a bridget to helping them discover this supportive network!

Register to Attend

Last but not least, everyone attending MA Connect adds a pinch of themselves to the event: by asking questions to our speakers, by engaging with peers in the event chat and by building personal connections during breaks. Registering will ensure you don't end up missing out on a chance to expand your network!

Save the date of MA Connect on 7 June, and do not hesitate to reach out to the MA Connect team if you want to get involved!