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An Update on the Magento Open Source Task Force

Three months ago, we introduced the Magento Open Source Task Force to review and discuss the future of Magento Open Source.

We’ve been thankful for the help and support of the 13 community members selected by the Magento Association worldwide. Each task force member has shared their genuine, diverse perspectives, and we’ve made progress in several key areas — but our work is not yet done. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on recently, as well as accomplishments to date:

  1. Announced new Magento Open Source roadmap
  2. Decoupled bundled extensions with 2.4.4 release
  3. Improved transparency of communications
  4. Reviewed other issues (e.g., branding, licenses)

Magento Open Source and our developer ecosystem have always been, and remain, a critically important part of Adobe Commerce. As a result, our focus as a task force has shifted from a business plan to a working/collaboration model that benefits both Adobe and the Magento community, using a product-driven process. This model supports a "thin core" strategy for Adobe Commerce and Adobe, which has no plans to EOL or deprecate Magento Open Source. This strategy is driven by consistent customer feedback about the effort and costs associated with upgrades.

As part of this working/collaboration model, we are reviewing several options that we hope to share in the coming weeks. While this process has taken time, it’s essential to get it right to meet the current and future developer, partner, and merchant needs.

In addition, the Adobe Commerce engineering team is looking at several improvements to better the efficiency of reviewing contributions from the community with people, processes, and technology. Next month, you’ll hear more from our teams, including during Adobe Developers Live: Commerce on February 11, where we will share the latest strategy and answer your questions.

What’s next? The task force will continue to meet and review the working/collaboration model, including distribution and addressing other needs through the Magento Association. In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in the growing Magento Association, including upcoming elections and through participating on committees or in events, as well as to share your feedback at any time. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Magento community.