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Magento Association Pillar No. One: Open Collaboration

The Magento Association has developed four pillars to represent the lenses through which we view every opportunity and decision that comes before the Board of Directors. In a world of infinite possibilities as to how we serve our diverse, global community, the pillars help us determine what we will spend our finite resources on as we pursue our mission to advance and empower the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership.

Today, I am sharing the details of our first pillar: open collaboration. Our current efforts around open collaboration include:

  • Magento Association Connect, our online events that bring diverse voices from across the Magento ecosystem straight to your screen to discuss the future of commerce.
  • Providing the legal trademark license agreement to allow Meet Magento events to operate under the Meet Magento name.
  • Magento Association Town Halls, events designed to update our membership on what's happening with the Magento Association (these currently take place virtually during Magento Association Connect but we envision them being in-person in the future).
  • Creating volunteer opportunities within Magento Association, such as through committees, task forces, and other efforts.

Items we are considering for the future within this pillar are:

  • Facilitating peer groups by role – This would be something like mastermind groups or similar, and would allow individuals within the Magento ecosystem to connect with others in a similar role to the one they are in.
  • Meet Magento Imagine – The global pandemic has forever changed events, however, we suspect there may still be interest in a large-scale international event in the future specific to the Magento ecosystem.
  • Meetups – These events are currently supported by Adobe through Meetup Pro, but the Magento Association is willing to explore how we could assist with them in the future.

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