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Magento Association Pillar No. Three: Content

The Magento Association (MA) has developed four pillars to represent the lenses through which we view every opportunity and decision that comes before the Board of Directors. In a world of infinite possibilities as to how we serve our diverse, global community, the pillars help us determine what we will spend our finite resources on as we pursue our mission to advance and empower the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership.

Today, I'll be discussing our third pillar: being the content source for the e-commerce community. Under this pillar, we're continuing to focus on the Commerce Co-op section of the Association's website, where we showcase different voices from around the Magento ecosystem and provide valuable content on best practices, innovation, case studies, and more. We'd love to feature your content! Please contact our managing editor via the About page for more details.

We're also excited to announce that, as part of this pillar, we've launched a podcast, Proceed to Checkout. Looking to provide something different in the Magento podcasting space, we'll be releasing season-by-season deep dives on merchant journeys with Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source. Our first season focuses on U.K. merchant Beer Hawk.

Finally, a key part of this pillar is syndicating and amplifying voices not being heard in the community. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is working to identify key areas of the Magento ecosystem that are not currently being heard and identifying individuals whose content we can feature in the association's communications and content efforts. Also, the committee is working to connect with event organizers and others in the ecosystem that can help them grow their audience. 

Stay tuned for the next and final article in this series, which will cover the fourth pillar of the Magento Association. For more on the four pillars, click here.