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Proceed to Checkout – Beer Hawk, Part 6

Part 6 marks the final chapter in the first series/season of Proceed to Checkout. This episode of the podcast explores the ways the Beer Hawk team sets benchmarks for success and what they view as the company’s future…for now. Host Andrew Figgins (director and digital commerce product owner, Scrubs & Beyond, LLC) brings back just about everyone you’ve heard from already, including Mark Roberts (CEO and co-founder), Rob Flanagan (head of marketing), Matthew Freegard (senior product manager), Krzysztof Jaworski (tech lead), Dan Marsham (head of content and community), and Andy Ward (head of customer services).

This episode is one in a six-part series from the Magento Association that dives into the ins and outs of Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source merchant Beer Hawk, a craft beer seller in the United Kingdom.