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E-Commerce Agency Owner Purchases Magento Association Paid Memberships for Entire Staff

Noah Oken-Berg, Magento Association Membership Committee member and CEO and co-founder of Above The Fray (ATF), recently added a new perk to the lengthy list of employee benefits at ATF. The new benefit is a “Voter” level membership with the Magento Association, which ATF pays the monthly membership fee for.

Supporting the Mission 

When announcing the new benefit to staff, Oken-Berg shared the impetus behind getting the team Magento Association paid memberships. “This gives you access to a vote in the board elections and exclusive content launching soon. Most importantly, it helps support an association that’s vital in preserving Magento Open Source.

This is truly an important mission to support. For those familiar with the Drupal Association, we’re looking to somewhat model ourselves more toward that. Would love to chat with anyone interested in getting involved or learning more — just give me a shout.”

Oken-Berg himself joined at the “Founder” level and encouraged others on the team to raise their tier level independently if they felt motivated to.

Leading by Example

In addition to wanting to provide a great benefit to his staff, Oken-Berg hoped that his example would lead other e-commerce agency owners and business leaders to do the same for their teams. 

Magento Association paid memberships are currently available on Patreon at many different levels and price points ranging from $1 to $100 per month under a “choose what you pay” model to allow as many people as possible to participate. For now, all levels offer the same benefits but will be updated to include additional perks at higher tiers in the future.

Membership dues are used to support member programs like webinars and MA Connect this year. In 2023, the Magento Association Membership Committee will launch a more robust set of offerings for members.