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Magento Association Seeks Election Committee Volunteers

The Magento Association is proud to announce the next phase of our community projects: the formation of an Election Committee. In a time where fairness, inclusion, and transparency are more important than ever, we invite you to actively participate in shaping our future leadership. Your voice and commitment are crucial to ensuring an effective and fair election process.

The Election Committee

We invite all members of the Magento community to participate in the Election Committee and help shape the future of our association. Your involvement is crucial in ensuring a fair, inclusive, and effective election process. 

By joining the Election Committee, you will play a vital role in finalizing election applications, interviewing candidates, and reviewing election processes, all while upholding the values of diversity and representation within our community. This is your opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the governance of the Magento Association.

We will be sharing more details of how each process will work, but part of that process is seating an Election Committee. 

Election Committee responsibilities include:

  • Finalize the Board’s draft election application for both the slate and direct (at-large) candidates
  • Finalize the election process for the direct (at-large) seat
  • Design the process by which the Election Committee will select candidates for the slate
  • Interview candidates for the slate
  • Recommend a final slate of two candidates to the Board and then the Magento Association’s members for approval
  • Review any questions, concerns, or disputes concerning these election processes

Call for volunteers

A call for volunteers for the Election Committee is now open. The Board is aiming to seat up to 10 individuals on the Election Committee, including up to two Board members. The ideal Election Committee member is:

  • Impartial: Capable of making decisions without personal or external influences to ensure fairness and transparency in the electoral process.
  • Analytically Minded: Possesses strong analytical skills to evaluate complex information and make logical, data-driven decisions.
  • Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion: Committed to promoting diversity and ensuring all voices in the community are equally heard and represented.
  • Experienced with Magento: Well-versed in the Magento community and ecosystem, understanding its members' needs and challenges.
  • Skilled in Conflict Resolution: Able to manage disagreements and conflicts constructively, preserving the integrity of the election process.
  • An Effective Communicator: Excellent at communicating with committee members, candidates, and the broader Magento community to facilitate smooth operations.

Additionally, to ensure impartiality, Election Committee members are not permitted to be a candidate for any elections in which they are involved in. After the conclusion of the 2024 election, committee members will help evaluate the results of both the slate and direct (at-large) processes and recommend a standard approach and cadence to Board elections going forward.

How is the Election Committee seated?

After the call for volunteers closes, the Board will review and consider applicants who have expressed interest in serving on the Election Committee. The Board will then appoint up to 10 individuals to serve on the committee.

Apply Here

When do I apply to participate in the election?

Once the Election Committee is seated, the appointed members will finalize an application process for candidates for both the slate and direct (at-large) openings. The Magento Association will then announce all relevant dates related to applications for the election and other deadlines. We know how busy the year is for everyone, so we will not begin accepting applications for the election before August 2024.


By volunteering for the Election Committee, you will contribute to upholding the values of fairness and representation within the Magento Association. Your expertise and commitment are crucial for a successful election process. We look forward to your participation and to the positive changes we can achieve together.