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Unveiling the Results of the Association Bylaw Changes Vote

The Magento community is built on collaboration, innovation, and the active involvement of its members. Recently, we called upon our active members to participate in a crucial vote on proposed changes to the Association Bylaws—a framework designed to enhance our governance and community engagement.

Voting Overview

In the past weeks, a total of 135 active members of the Magento Association were invited to cast their votes. This was a pivotal moment, aimed at aligning our bylaws with the evolving needs of our community and the industry at large.

Participation and Results

The participation rate stood at about 42%, with 57 members making their voices heard. The results were compelling, with 56 members (98% of voters) supporting the changes, and only one member choosing to abstain. This strong endorsement highlights our community's commitment to growth and adaptation.

Decision on Quorum

While our bylaws require a quorum of at least 100 votes for changes to be ratified, the overwhelming support for the proposal prompted a decisive action from the board. After careful consideration, and given the clear majority in favor, the board has decided to recognize the results of this vote. This decision reflects our commitment to moving forward in the best interest of our members and the Magento ecosystem.

Implications of the Bylaw Changes

The approved bylaw changes are set to introduce improved governance structures and provide clearer guidelines for community participation and decision-making. These changes are not just amendments; they are part of a larger strategy to ensure that Magento remains at the forefront of technological advancement and community development.

Looking Forward

As we implement these changes, we are excited about the new opportunities that will become available for our members to engage, influence, and benefit from being part of the Magento community. We are committed to transparency and will continue to provide updates as we progress.


We thank all members who participated in this crucial vote. Your involvement is what shapes the future of the Magento Association. We look forward to growing together, fostering a vibrant community, and continuing to drive innovation in the ecommerce space.

Stay engaged! Visit our website, join our discussions, and don’t miss out on the chance to influence the future of Magento. Your voice matters, and together, we can achieve remarkable things.