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Magento Association Is on its Way!

This post was published previously under the original Magento Association blog. We felt the historical posts are an important part of our story.

Since 2009, Meet Magento connects people of the Magento ecosystem around the globe. With Meet Magento conferences in 30 countries and a partner network that spreads around the world, Meet Magento Association supports the Magento community on local and global levels. The new Magento Association will bring this support to a new level. We are very happy that the Meet Magento event series will be official part of the Magento Association’s portfolio. The process transferring the coordination and management of all Meet Magento conferences to the new Magento Association is already on its way. From today and until the new association is fully operative Brittany Mosquera and her team will support the Meet Magento organizers directly.

We at Meet Magento Association are proud and grateful that its activities and assets will get empowered by the new Magento Association. This next step will allow Magento and the community to reach its full potential and to grow to a global organization embracing contribution, diversity and inclusion.

We are excited to bring our conferences into the new association. This new association will play a pivotal role in the new Magento/Adobe world. The Meet Magento conferences allow the new association a kick start into more than 30 countries. At the same time Meet Magento will get all its support it needs to stay as independent and free platform for connecting, learning and developing business. This step is another great opportunity for all Meet Magento partners, merchants, the developer community and all other players in the Magento ecosystem.