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Top 10 Magento 2 Upsell Extensions

Every time a shopper is interested in buying a product, you want to maximize it as much as possible. Increasing a shopper’s average order value (AOV) can accelerate your sales. 

How can you motivate more purchases to your Magento 2 online store?

Upselling is a traditional but highly efficient technique to generate more sales. It encourages customers to purchase more expensive items from your store. This article details a number of upselling Magento extensions.


What Is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales tactic that motivates customers to buy a pricier, upgraded or premium version of the chosen product or other add-ons for the goal of creating large sales. For instance, if a shopper had already bought a subscription to your marketing tool, upselling would persuade your shopper to pay for additional integration with another marketing tool to enhance their experience. 


Why Is Upselling Necessary for Magento 2 Stores?

It helps store owners construct deeper relationships with customers.

Upselling is not a dirty technique if you put it into perspective. Suppose it concentrates on helping your shoppers win by recommending upgrades, premiums or add-ons that will bring more value to them. In that case, it is a customer satisfaction technique that also increases revenue.

It’s easier to upsell to current customers than to obtain new ones.

Lead generation requires time and money. It is more appropriate to maximize the sale to a shopper who already trusts you and has purchased some of your products than sell to a new prospect who might not have heard of your brand. Research shows that you have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing shopper and only a 5-20% chance of selling to a new customer. It’s an easy win for many e-commerce businesses with an aim to boost their growth and increase the bottom line. 

It increases customer lifetime value (CLV).

Customer lifetime value is the net profit contribution a shopper makes to your business over time. Upselling not only creates a greater initial profit after signing on the shopper but also raises the overall value of the shopper over the course of their lifetime. For example, if you sell a credit card after a home loan for a client to decorate their new house, you will receive much more profit over the course of the years than you would with a mortgage payment. 

It enables customers to make use of a complete solution and enhance retention.

The logic behind upselling to shoppers is two-fold:

  1. One-stop-shop solution: Shoppers can view your offerings in more comprehensive limelight while accessing extra products. This supports customers because nobody likes to run around to purchase different items from different companies. 
  2. Build trust and loyalty: If the customers end up purchasing the upsell products, their trust and loyalty for your brand will escalate. This is because customers will feel that the brand truly understands them and provides incredible products of real value and relevance. 

It provides convenience and flexibility for shoppers.

Upselling benefits both businesses and their customers. Many customers don’t want to go around looking for a new store when they need a specific product or service. By giving them more choices or relevant add-ons, they don’t need to take a risk with a new brand to buy what they need. 

The majority of shoppers will stick to what they like if they know what is available. As you have built trust with customers, you can show them related items and services. When you upsell to a shopper, you give them the comfort of staying with you and the flexibility to select what they need. 


The Most Dominant Magento 2 Upsell Extensions

1. Who Bought This Also Bought This by Mageplaza

If you have visited Amazon, you may come across some phrases like “Similar item to consider” or “Customers also shopped for” below a product page. This is an interesting way of showing upsell or cross-sell products that might catch the attention of your customers. 

If you want to steal this upsell idea, Who Bought This Also Bought by Mageplaza will help you apply this strategy with ease. This upselling display is based on the buying history of your shoppers. The suggested items will be automatically shown with some simple steps for configuration. 

The product suggestion tactic works as social proof by telling new shoppers that previous customers have purchased these products in addition to what they’re going to buy. 

Outstanding Features

  • Provides responsive design 
  • Recommends related items automatically
  • Supports flexible customization in the layout
  • Supports displaying suggested products on different pages


2. Who Bought This Also Bought by Mageants

When shoppers go to physical stores, there are a lot of tactics that sellers can use to optimize their sales. According to the products that the customers tend to buy, the store owners encourage them to purchase related or similar items by revealing that other customers also bought these items. 

With the Magento 2 Who Bought This Also Bought from Mageants, users can show the shoppers the information of the relevant products, including their features and prices, with the main item and motivate the shoppers to purchase them. 

Outstanding Features 

  • Supports customizing the product recommendation process based on your marketing strategies
  • Shows random items from a category in the absence of information
  • Activate/deactivate the features of the extension
  • Allows selecting the position of the block showing recommendations
  • Allows selecting the layout of the product recommendation block 

Boost Sales has been uniquely designed for e-commerce upselling purposes. The extension utilizes pop-up forms to motivate customers to add more to their cart. 

For example, if a customer adds a product to his shopping cart, an interactive pop-up form will show up to catch his attention on the provided upsell or cross-sell items. 

If you are selling thousands of items, it can be difficult and time-consuming to add the relevant items for each of your products manually. The Boost Sales extension will do the hard work for you, thanks to its Smart Upsell feature. 

The module monitors and understands the shopper’s browsing habits and buying history to help you automatically recommend the products without your manual intervention. Additionally, you don’t need to depend on your personal assumptions, as the suggested products are collected based on the customer history data. 

Moreover, its Sale Motivator feature can let merchants upsell related items and simultaneously encourage them to buy more by offering an extra discount. 

Outstanding Features

  • Provides pre-made holiday themes
  • Provides detailed performance reports 
  • Supports product bundling to increase order value
  • Saves time and improve conversion rates with 
  • Allows selling more at checkout 
  • Generates targeted upsell thanks to Beeketing AI 


4. Who Viewed This Also Viewed by Mageplaza

The Mageplaza Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension allows stores to provide customers with the products that are clicked on and viewed by other shoppers. Consequently, this recommendation can act as a reliable report, and shoppers are likely to make further purchase decisions. 

Plus, it is simple to combine sales opportunities with also-viewed product recommendations. Stores can implement cross-selling and upselling with the suggested items of the higher price or from similar categories. 

Furthermore, the extension also helps better user experience during shopping. A shopper can know the action view of others, know the most-viewed items, and find the relevant products. That can support them in searching for more of their favorite products quickly and find store recommendations useful. They’ll feel happy and want to come back in the future. 

Outstanding Features 

  • Supports showing different product types and categories 
  • Provides plenty of positions to display 
  • Provides multi-line or slider block layout 
  • Allows filtering recommended items 


5. Who Viewed This Also Viewed by Solwin Infotech

Are you considering adding upselling products to your online stores? If yes, show the most viewed items with the aid of Who Viewed This Also Viewed by Solwin Infotech. The extension will help generate huge profits for your business. 

The module automatically shows items that other shoppers have seen with smart algorithms. It stimulates them to purchase more relevant items. Customers are more inclined to make a purchase when they see what other shoppers have viewed. 

This is an intelligent way of boosting conversion rates and average revenue per sale. Whenever the shopper is searching for a product, the extension updates relations between this item and other viewed items. Gradually relations count increases, and they become more precise. 

Outstanding Features 

  • Allows limiting the number of products in a block 
  • Simple to install and manage the module from the backend
  • Supports setting custom title for the block 
  • Supports high processing speed on the pages 


6. Automatic Related Products by Mageplaza

Mageplaza Automatic Related Products is a module that enables store owners to decide their relevant product rules flexibly. It operates based on rules according to conditions and actions in the back end. An item that satisfies requirements in conditions will be shown with relevant items that satisfy requirements in actions. 

Thanks to this feature, users can create infinite rules to show relevant products, up-sell, cross-sell items, random items, daily offers and best sellers. 

Outstanding Features

  • Supports creating unlimited related product blocks
  • Supports A/B Testing
  • Provides related block statistics 
  • Supports AJAX loading 
  • Allows sorting related products 


7. Auto Related Product by Evincemage

Auto Related Product is a remarkable module that uses sets of conditions and actions as rules to build relations between displayed items and relevant ones. Showing custom relevant products will boost the average order value, mitigate the number of abandoned carts, and bring customers a better and more professional shopping experience on your store. 

The extension allows showing the relevant products according to the current product’s category and selected attributes. Besides, store admins can choose three types of attributes for related items. Plus, the module brings plenty of options to sort by the product and it will be shown in ascending or descending order. 

Outstanding Features 

  • Supports displaying products based on categories and attributes
  • Allows filtering all related products by price
  • Allows sorting products to be shown
  • Easy to integrate with the custom theme design
  • Offers hassle-free installation and configuration 


8. Automatic Related Products by Aheadworks

Automatic Related Products extensions by Aheadworks and Amasty are quite similar but differ in how they collect their suggested products. 

Aheadworks’s extension uses rule-based conditions that can be customized by store admins to come up with which items to recommend. Remarkably, these conditions are highly flexible. The store admin can decide different combinations of conditions to target various principles and behaviors. 

In addition, the module offers Rule Priority feature that can be determined to know which rule to prioritize and to prevent inconsistent and opposing conditions to a single item. 

Furthermore, the extension also uses popups to show upselling and cross-selling offers to customers when they add an item to their cart. 

Outstanding Features 

  • Utilizes built-in widgets for custom block positions
  • Analyzes rule performance (views, clicks, and CTR)
  • Displays only in-stock items 
  • Allows managing relevant products with the array of unique backend options


9. Others Also Bought by MageWorx

The Others Also Bought extension for Magento 2 provides smart suggestions based on customers’ purchase history. After analyzing your shoppers’ buying history, the module adds items to the Related Products block automatically. 

This will help you:

  • Display related items in the Related Product block.
  • Turn on/turn off Cron Jobs to automatically compile and apply customer order information.
  • Manually apply customer order data.

Moreover, you can easily boost sales by executing the smart Related Products section. Some psychological research indicates that customers are more inclined to buy suggested items as they have already been bought by others. 


10. Personalized Recommendation by Beeketing

To power the upselling strategy, Magento 2 store owners have adopted suggesting items that are personalized. 

Personalized Recommendation by Beeketing utilizes data-driven analytics to provide the most related items that customers tend to buy. 

The principle is to leverage your customers’ behaviors and previous purchases to recommend the most suitable products. For instance, if customers visit your store, you should display your store’s best sellers on the homepage because this is the best time for them to get interested in your store’s popular items. 

Sephora shows its best sellers on the homepage along with a personalized suggestion, according to the buyer’s browsing and purchasing behavior. 

In addition, the extension offers an interesting feature: Quick View. When a shopper clicks on a suggested item shown below a product page, a pop-up including some recommended products will show up automatically.

Outstanding Features

  • Provides smart recommendations that totally rocket your sales 
  • Offers targeted and personalized suggestions to convert visitors into shoppers
  • Simple to install and customize recommendation widgets 
  • Sends detailed performance reports via weekly emails 



It’s always a great option for store owners to accelerate their sales by using upselling strategies. Upselling is a win-win tactic that can profit your store and bring a better shopping experience for customers. 

Consider these above modules carefully, weigh their pros and cons, and find out what extension works best for your online business.