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Meet Your Board: Joshua Warren of Creatuity Corp

Tell me a bit about your background and what you do now.

I have worked in e-commerce since 1999. I am the founder and CEO of Creatuity, a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner and commerce agency that, since 2008, has helped retailers of all sizes achieve success with Magento. I am a frequent conference speaker and author, so I am constantly exploring the future of commerce and how technology will provide richer, more engaging shopping experiences. I am also a Magento Certified Solution Specialist, a Magento Certified Developer Plus and a 2016 Magento Master.


Describe your relationship with Magento Adobe.

My company is a Magento solution partner, so professionally we work together with Magento quite often. I have worked with and provided direct feedback to Magento for many years, including before PayPal invested in Magento, when Magento was owned by eBay, when Magento was independent and now while Magento is owned by Adobe.

Do you have any other volunteer or board experience?

I served on the board of directors for a fresh water supply district (FWSD) in the Dallas area for four years, including two years as chairman of the board. A Texas FWSD is a quasi-governmental group with similar reporting responsibilities as a nonprofit.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Innovative, creative and strategic.


What are your greatest professional and personal achievements?

Professionally, Creatuity recently celebrated our 12th year in business. Being able to provide stable, fulfilling jobs for so many people over the years has been my favorite professional achievement. Personally, my wife and I adopted our first child in January, and watching her grow over the past few months — each step in her development feels like the greatest personal achievement ever.


What do you hope to achieve personally by being part of the Magento Association Board?

I hope to achieve focus. I feel like I have contributed bits and pieces of the Magento ecosystem over the past five to six years, but it hasn’t been a focused effort in a single direction, so I feel like I haven’t contributed as much as I otherwise could have if the efforts had been more focused through something like the Magento Association. I’m hoping to provide a way to help others focus their contributions as well.


Tell us more about yourself. 

My wife Jenna and I have a daughter and two cats. I love to read both fiction and nonfiction, and I’m a fan of strategy games (both board games and video games). I tend to be a relatively extroverted introvert; it takes me a while to get comfortable with a group, but once I do, I tend to open up more. Even then, after conferences and other events, I often need to “recharge” with some time to myself, as my more introverted nature gets a little overwhelmed with big groups.


What’s your favorite country you have visited, and why?

Poland. Other than vacations to the Caribbean, I had never visited a country where English wasn’t the native language. On that trip, I had a chance to immerse myself in Polish culture and see just how similar and yet how different another culture could be. That first trip to Poland inspired me to travel substantially more to other countries where English isn’t the native language, and I’ve learned quite a bit from those trips.