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Extension of the Month: Dotdigital, a Cross-Channel Marketing Automation Solution

Changing privacy and data laws are putting the power back into the consumers’ hands and making marketers’ jobs that little bit more difficult. It’s more important than ever to hit your customer base with the right messages at the right time using the right channel. And you need a data and marketing platform that can keep up and keep your brand’s reputation intact.

Dotdigital is a cross-channel marketing automation platform that harnesses the power of your Adobe Commerce/Magento data to drive engagement, conversion and loyalty for brands as you grow and scale. From personalization to automation and analytics, you can connect Dotdigital and Magento in minutes to get an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that gives you immediate access to your most valuable marketing asset — customer data. 

Dotdigital’s network of trusted integration partners makes it a great choice in marketing automation platforms for Magento retailers. Our global e-commerce report, Hitting the Mark, and marketing excellence awards, The Dotties, help retailers worldwide stay on top of e-commerce trends and recognize our customers for their innovation and hard work.

Dotdigital’s team understands how busy marketers are. This is why we take every measure possible to secure compliance, reliability and deliverability. For example, over Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022, Dotdigital sent over 600 million emails and 11 million SMS texts with zero performance issues and an outstanding delivery rate of 99.3%

These are just some of the reasons Magento and many of its biggest retailers, including Converse, Reeds Jewellers and Flora & Fauna, consider Dotdigital a trusted marketing automation partner.


About the Integration

Some key highlights of the integration include:

  • Easy Scheduling
    Get ahead of your campaigns using Dotdigital’s scheduling tools. Automate your marketing across multiple channels, from email and SMS, to push notifications and on-site chat messages. Plus, switch on automated year-round campaigns, such as abandoned carts and abandoned browse journeys that will capture your customers’ attention even when you’re not looking. Rest assured knowing your customers are automatically receiving the right messages at the right time, giving you more resources to focus on ways to better your marketing.
  • Program Builder
    Dotdigital’s program builder also allows you to devise sophisticated cross-channel journeys that will nurture your customers over time. Choose from a range of rules and enrolment triggers that will set your contacts on a path of smart segmentation and personalized messages that will ultimately help them convert.
  • Deep Magento Integration
    When connected, Dotdigital automatically syncs over all your historic e-commerce data so you can start gathering useful insights straight away. Dotdigital also integrates with Adobe’s Progressive Web Application (PWA) Studio so you can rest assured knowing that you can customize your Magento store to your heart’s content, and the connection with Dotdigital will continue to run smoothly.
  • Works Globally
    Beyond this, Dotdigital is built to support global brands. Whether you manage multiple brands, multiple storefronts or have stores across multiple regions, Dotdigital has the power to help you market around the world using one account. Setting up parent and child accounts will help you focus your efforts on a particular store or region while also letting you compare performance using cross-store analytics. Dotdigital also supports more than 15 currencies and languages as well as the ability to market via SMS to over 200 countries. 
  • Personalization Options
    60% of consumers say they’ll become repeat customers after a personalized shopping experience. It’s critical for brands to have a platform that will allow them to access the necessary data to personalize. However, it’s also important to have a platform that will help you to use this data effectively. Dotdigital comes with a powerful segmentation tool so you can tailor messages as acutely as you wish.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    Dotdigital’s reporting and analytics capabilities make it quick and easy for you to get any information you need. From persona insights to advanced revenue attribution, behavioral modeling and eRFM analytics, there are a host of e-commerce reports to help you track how your campaigns are performing and spot opportunities to generate more revenue.

    You can also use single customer view (SCV) to look at contacts on an individual level. Look out for different customer behavior and engagement data from multiple channels to help make the right marketing decisions fast. 
  • Continually Developing Platform
    Dotdigital has a public-facing product roadmap. Our commitment to developing a platform that users want and need makes it important for us to share our future plans and get feedback from the people who use it.


How It Works

  1. Connect Magento and Dotdigital.
    You can connect your Magento store to Dotdigital in under three hours using our easy set-up wizard.

  2. Sync and map your customer data.
    Map your Magento data to the correct data fields in Dotdigital. You can create up to 600 custom data fields to make sure you’re able to easily sync and view all the information you need.

  3. Start creating targeted cross-channel marketing automation.
    Build your address books of different segments of contacts so you can start creating and sending personalized emails, text messages and automated customer journeys.

  4. Optimize your marketing.
    Use Dotdigital’s persona insights, single customer view, A/B testing features and a host of other e-commerce reports to find what works best for your brand and customers.


Success Story: Converse

Converse, the global shoe brand, set out to expand its global presence online. In particular, they were looking to increase their presence in Latin America with a new and improved Converse Mexico website. And they were searching for a marketing automation platform that would support their ambitions. After learning about the strengths of Dotdigital’s various marketing channels and automation features, they were impressed. But what also impressed the team was how the platform could easily be converted into Spanish and that they could receive round-the-clock support from their Spanish-speaking customer service team.

Converse believed that personalization was key to reaching more customers across the country. And they were particularly excited by Dotdigital’s live chat functionality so they could communicate one-on-one with site visitors, helping them with their purchases.

As a result of using Dotdigital and implementing live chat as part of its marketing strategy, Converse Mexico acquires 29% of its marketing contacts through Dotdigital’s Chat functionality. What’s more, over a quarter of these contacts are now paying customers and represent 31% of total orders. To quote the Converse team,  “Who knew, a simple ‘¡Hola!, ¿En qué puedo ayudarte?’ could go such a long way?”


Key Takeaways

Dotdigital’s powerful platform and deep integration give marketers the ability to harness their data to drive engagement, conversions and loyalty. And we do this while delivering stellar customer support and regular platform improvements. Dotdigital is a team of experienced innovators and industry-leading experts that believe in providing marketers with the tools and knowledge necessary to grow revenue, retain customers and increase brand reach.


This feature is part of an equal opportunity series led by the Magento Association Content Committee and is not sponsored. If you’d like an extension you’ve developed to be considered for this highlight, email the committee at