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Extension of the Month: KLAVIYO for Text and Email Marketing

When it’s done right, text and email marketing can boost profits and build customer loyalty. But to get the best results, your messages need to cut through the noise and reach just the right people at just the right time — with the right call to action. Klaviyo’s Magento extension lets you use your customer data to its full potential to make that happen.

Working in concert with your Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source store, Klaviyo centralizes all your current and historical customer data, from browsing history to lifetime spend. Then, it leverages that data to determine exactly whom, how and when to message. It’s easy to segment your customers into super-specific groups, and it takes just minutes to implement any of dozens of proven text and email automations, from welcome emails to abandoned cart reminders, so your team can make more sales on Magento with less work.

More than 100,000 businesses trust Klaviyo because it’s simple to use, it’s highly customizable and it yields big results: Magento brands achieve more than a 100 times average ROI with Klaviyo.

About the Extension

Easy, accurate segmentation to engage your customers

Klaviyo helps make email and text marketing personal, and that starts with detailed, precise segmentation. With Klaviyo, you can break your audience into segments based on what they browse for, what they’ve bought, which sales they’ve shopped and other factors, so you can send the targeted news and offers that excite them most.

Proven email and text automations to save you time while boosting sales           

With Klaviyo’s tried-and-true email and text automations, your marketing efforts are hard at work, even when you’re not. Messages are automatically triggered when a customer takes a certain action. Create your own campaigns or choose from 60+ pre-built options, like welcome emails and abandoned cart reminders. Some revenue-driving automations, like personalized product recommendations, require zero setup.

Responsive support keeps things running smoothly

Klaviyo is built to be easy to use, no matter the size of your business. But if you hit a snag or have a question, we’re here, with live online trainings, step-by-step guides, free marketing courses, developer and non-developer forums, and free email and chat support seven days a week.

How It Works

1. Connect Magento and Klaviyo.

A developer can get Klaviyo up and running in tandem with your Magento 2 store in just a few hours. Once you’ve installed the Klaviyo extension on your Magento 2 server, just configure your settings and hit “connect.” 

2. Put your customer data to work.

At setup, Klaviyo will sync all of your existing Magento 2 customer data, and start gathering new data on what your customers buy, browse, click and more. Collect virtually any type of data you need with customizable form fields, and use it to start segmenting and targeting.

3.  Set up your first campaign, and watch your business grow.

Create email and text campaigns and automations that motivate your audience to make that purchase. A library of pre-built templates tailored to Magento will get you started even faster. 

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