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Sonal Puri Elected as Newest Member of the MA Board

We are thrilled to announce that Sonal Puri has been recently elected as the newest member of the Magento Association Board of Directors, as a result of the direct election which concluded earlier this month and announced at MA Connect. She most previously held the chair role for the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and will now transition to the board liaison for the committee.

Sonal is based in California and is the CEO of Webscale, a U.S.-based SaaS platform that simplified the deployment, management and maintenance of infrastructure in multi-cloud environments. She has been involved in the Magento ecosystem for over seven years through her company that supports more than 1,000 individual brands across 5,000 storefronts worldwide, with half of these stores using a version of Magento and many more on Open Source.

Running a successful platform has allowed Sonal to play a large role in keeping merchants satisfied with her ability to manage issues such as performance, scalability and security. Beyond serving as chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Webscale has been involved with many Magento-related events and initiatives.

Sonal has over three years of volunteer experience with the Founders Network, as well as working with the AVID program to provide college application support for first generation college students each year. Additionally, her commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts includes being a founding member of Neythri, a community of South Asian women with 2,500 members worldwide, and a $10M venture fund called the Neythri Futures Fund that invests exclusively in individuals of South Asian descent.

Sonal is deeply incentivized to make Magento (the platform) AND Magento (the community) successful. She hopes to provide clarity and confidence in Magento’s future while supporting the business and vision of merchants in our community, all while furthering to democratize the community as whole. Sonal's key areas of focus are to create a secure and transparent future for the community while educating members on worldwide commerce trends and directions.

She brings a skill set that includes leadership, transparency and a data-driven mindset. We welcome her leadership experience and ideas to the Magento Association board and are excited to see what she will accomplish.

Slate Election Update

Now that the direct election has concluded, the slate election is underway, led by the Election Committee. Keep an eye out for an update from the Election Committee which will overview the slate process that was performed this year along with upcoming news announcing who the new board members are. Remember, paid members of the association are given the opportunity to vote on the slate before it is final. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for our Patreon account TODAY before the slate election concludes so you can contribute to the decision of the future leadership of the association. The slate election is expected to be concluded in July but this is subject to change. View here and here, for more information about the election process.